5 Tips To Sell T-Shirts Fast

5 Tips To Sell T-Shirts Fast

Resources Listed Below:

// Find Trends //
Google Trends: https://trends.google.com/trends/

// Find Good Niches //
Merch Informer [How To Use It]: https://youtu.be/2JI9VCIhPNI
Merch Informer [Sign Up Link]: http://bit.ly/merch-informer

// Create T-Shirt Designs //
Placeit [How To Use It]: https://youtu.be/_iQnOSbMtc8
Placeit [Free Design Templates]: https://1.envato.market/W7Dee
Placeit [15% Off Discount]: https://greggottfried.com/placeit-15

// Create Model Mockups //
Placeit [How To Create Mockups]: https://youtu.be/Q93ztFDxVfg
Placeit [Free Mockup Templates]: https://1.envato.market/Z7dGz
Placeit [15% Off Discount]: https://greggottfried.com/placeit-15

Print On-Demand Startup Checklist: http://greggottfried.com/pod-startup-checklist

Free Online Business Training: http://bit.ly/free7wayscourse


Tools And Resources πŸ› 

Print On-Demand Quickstart Playlist
πŸ’» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIurOTqcE1C3mbbDzxQ1RRi-TqAuN78Vf

Highly Recommended T-Shirt Tools
πŸ’» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUlaa0_H-90&list=PLIurOTqcE1C3mbbDzxQ1RRi-TqAuN78Vf&index=5

Full Print On-Demand Tutorial
πŸŽ“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvWFwKSEByw&list=PLIurOTqcE1C3mbbDzxQ1RRi-TqAuN78Vf&index=2

T-Shirt Design/Mockup Tool
πŸ‘• https://greggottfried.com/placeit-15 [15% OFF]

T-Shirt Niche Research Tool
πŸš€ https://youtu.be/2JI9VCIhPNI

Placeit Tutorials
πŸ’» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIurOTqcE1C3lUUSmoP5o4oBH2eRIlEVD

Recommended VPN (3 Months Free!)
πŸ’» https://greggottfried.com/VPN

Make A WIX Website
πŸ’» http://bit.ly/newWIXwebsite

Make A WordPress Website
πŸ’» http://bit.ly/bh-wordpress

Affiliate-Friendly Email Provider
πŸ“¬ http://bit.ly/affiliate-email-provider

Recommended Online Courses
πŸŽ“ https://buyecourses.com

My Camera and Recording Equipment
πŸ“· http://bit.ly/gregs-cameras

My Most Recommended Books
πŸ“š http://bit.ly/gregs-books

Get 1 Free Audible Audiobook
πŸ“š https://amzn.to/2PNXRq2


Are You Making Money Online? πŸ€”

FREE Course [7 Ways I Make Money Online]
πŸ’° http://bit.ly/free7wayscourse


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5 Tips To Sell T-Shirts Fast

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