Answering Your Top 50 Print On-Demand Questions

Answering Your Top 50 Print On-Demand Questions
Part 2 Video:
Full Print On-Demand Tutorial:
Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:32 Overwhelmed As A Beginner? Where To Start?
2:22 Teespring, Redbubble, Merch By Amazon VS. Others?
3:21 High Teespring Shipping Cost?
3:57 Can You Use Quotes On T-Shirt Designs?
4:41 Can You Use Celebrity Images On T-Shirt Designs?
5:12 Do You Have To Pay For Items When They Are Ordered?
5:53 Promoting T-Shirts With Facebook/Google Ads Like Dropshipping?
6:31 How Much Competition Is On Print On-Demand?
7:33 Is Print On-Demand Still Good To Start Now?
8:01 Lowering Prices To Get First Sales?
8:37 How Long Until First Sales?
9:27 Can You Do Print On-Demand Worldwide?
9:44 Can You Use TV Show Quotes On T-Shirt Designs?
9:59 Still Not Getting Sales With Instagram?
10:32 Why Do I Share These Tips On YouTube?
11:23 How To Send T-Shirts To Influencers Without Being Scammed?
11:49 Which Print On-Demand Link To Promote On Instagram?
12:24 How Do Other Print On-Demand Sites Compete With Amazon?
12:54 Is Teespring Trust Score Account Wide?
13:20 How To Find A Good T-Shirt Niche?
13:51 What Kind Of Laptop To Use For Print On-Demand?
14:14 How Many T-Shirt Designs Is “A Lot”?
15:04 Why Was Your Design Taken Down Immediately?
15:50 Payoneer VS. PayPal On Teespring?
16:15 Personal Or Business PayPal/Payoneer Account?
16:36 Merch By Amazon Does Not Have Your Country?
17:09 Merch By Amazon Needs A Tax ID And You Don’t Have One?

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Answering Your Top 50 Print On-Demand Questions

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