Cold Showers Benefits: 1 Year Of Cold Showers Testimonial [Wim Hof Method]

All the benefits of cold showers and our 1 year journey with them!

In this episode, Jarran and Kelcey get real about what actually happens when you take a cold shower. Jarran has been taking cold showers in the morning for the past year and Kelcey has finally jumped on board the past 2 months. This is great because we compare Jarran’s benefits of cold showers over a longer period of time and Kelcey’s benefits that could be seen in a short amount of time. Hear about what a cold shower felt like for the first time from both of them and why right before the shower is actually the hardest part!

They share how cold showers have changed them mentally and physically and go into a little about the science behind this cold shower challenge craze! They go into some deep breathing techniques such as the ones that Wim Hof teaches in his Wim Hof Method and how just how beneficial they have been to so many people. There is a whole community of cold shower takers so don’t feel like you are alone! Get out there and hear what people are saying and if you have ever thought about taking a cold shower then this show is right for you!

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