How To Create A Shopify Dropshipping Store with Oberlo & Aliexpress (2021 UPDATED TUTORIAL)

Step-by-step 2021 tutorial to create a Shopify dropshipping store with Oberlo & Aliexpress!
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3:15 – Step 1: How To Get A FREE 14-Day Trial To Shopify
5:56 – Step 2: How To Install The Free Shopify Theme – Simple
8:16 – Step 3: How To Install The Free App Oberlo & Update It’s Settings
12:02 – Step 4: How To Install The Free Oberlo Chrome Extension 12:02
13:07 – Step 5: How To Add Products From Aliexpress Into Your Store With Oberlo
17:45 – Step 6: How To Find USA Based Products To Dropship With FAST Shipping
21:39 – Step 7: How To Add Product Collections
23:19 – Step 8: How To Edit Product Pages
29:52 – Step 9: How To Set Up Shopify Payments
34:50 – Step 10 How To Add Shipping
40:13 – Step 11: How To Change Your Store’s Currency
41:15 – Step 12: How To Update Store Email Notifications
43:43 – Step 13: How To Create An About Us Page
44:43 – Step 14: How To Create A Contact Us Page
45:39 – Step 15: How To Add A Store Menu
48:09 – Step 16: How To Customize The Theme, Design & Homepage
1:01:26 – Step 17: How To Choose A Shopify Plan
1:03:40 – Step 18: How To Add A Domain Name
1:06:11 – Step 19: How To Remove The Store Password & Send Our Store LIVE!
1:07:54 – Step 20: How To Order Items For Customers With Oberlo

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