Hydration: How Much Water To Drink? [Dehydration Symptoms & How To Stay Hydrated]

Get a simple hydration formula on how much water to drink and how to stay hydrated!

Have you asked yourself “How much water should I drink a day?” or “How much water should I drink?”

In this episode, Jarran and Kelcey dive deep into all things hydration! They go over the little known dehydration symptoms that could be plaguing you today and talk about just how much water to drink on a daily basis by giving you a simple and easy formula so you can get on the path to rehydration now! They also give you simple ways to drink more water such as adding some sort of fruit and using a special water bottle. It’s important to figure out ways to increase your water intake so make drinking water more fun!

Did you know that caffeine dehydrates you? Well Jarran and Kelcey explain just how much extra water you need to counter that caffeine intake we all have on a daily basis!

Did you know that there is a certain drink that you can have everyday that will help keep you hydrated? Well they will share with you their best hydration drink to have first thing in the morning so you can add this to your morning routine! This one little drink will help keep you on the path of staying hydrated!

This is a simple yet jam packed full of goodies podcast on how to stay hydrated! A big thank you to Tom Brady and the TB12 Method book and Aubrey Marcus and his book Own The Day, both amazing resources that are mentioned on this episode!

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